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S3Craft Technologies provides high-quality turnkey Silicon and Software Intellectual Property (IP) development and customization services for deployment in Semiconductor (ASIC & FPGA), Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and Embedded Systems products.

Since its inception in Jan 2013, S3Craft has built a loyal customer base by making on-time deliveries of high-performance IPs and compilers, and has forged strong partnerships with Semiconductor, EDA, and System companies worldwide.

Product Announcement – DDR3 Memory Controller

  • S3Craft's synthesizable DDR3/3L Memory Controller soft IP core features superior performance and advanced run-time configurability. Complying with JEDEC DDR3/3L specifications and conforming to the DFI 3.1 standard, the DDR3 Memory Controller provides industry-leading performance of 3,200 MT/s at 800 MHz core clock frequency on 28HP and 1,600 MT/s at 400MHz core clock frequency on 65LP technology nodes.

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